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Mad Tack

ROLL TOPS:  These are traditionally covered in outdoor carpet, however they can be painted any color or design.  Ladybugs look great on roll tops! Handles are cut into the sides for easy move-ability. 

Built to 18" tall, unless otherwise specified, the back includes a lattice finish.  These can be jumped both directions for a dual purpose element.   

COOPS:  These are fantastic for Hunt Field schooling, can be painted any color, and customized with your barn or business! Traditionally they are built 18" tall, and use pressure treated decking lumber over a frame of traditional pressure treated lumber.

Everybody loves Ladybugs!  They bring out the kid in all of us.  The ladybug design can be painted on boxes, coops, or roll tops and they add so much fun to your arena!  Boxes can be painted with any color or design that you specify. 

Bridge Boxes can be painted any color or pattern.

Get the most for your budget dollar with this double feature! With classic stone on one side, and bright brick on the other, you get the ultimate in versatile jump elements!

The timeless classic...

        Stone boxes are a traditional and elegant addition to any jump course.  A true Hunter staple, both in and out of the ring. 

Brick boxes are a great way to brighten up your jumps, while adding a suitable ground line element for any purpose. 

A local Pony Club had a great time personalizing this set of boxes which was custom ordered to be 2'3" high and 2' wide!  Yikes...keep those eyes up! 

Every good jump needs a filler or ground line of sorts.  We offer a heavy-duty line up of Boxes, Coops and Roll Tops for that very purpose.  All of these are offered in 4', 5', or 6' sections and are priced per section.  Each element is built to an average height of 18", however they can be made smaller or larger based on your preference.  Any element ordered above 18" does incur a small additional charge. 

Boxes, Coops, and Roll Tops