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EDIXTiamo Western Saddle

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Of the EDIX treeless saddle range, the EDIX Tiamo is the most flexible and the lightest Western saddle. A super comfortable saddle made of high quality soft leather. Due to the enormous flexibility of the EDIX Tiamo saddle, your horse experiences enormous freedom of movement and the rider an optimal close contact feeling. When the seat is fitted with an EDIX Merino saddle seat, the deep seat of an EDIX Tiamo feels like a luxury armchair. The Tiamo is an ideal saddle for long relaxed rides, but you can also use it in a refined way to gymnastize your horse in the arena. The EDIX Tiamo is equipped with the EDIX circle Y-girth system, the three corner connection, each occurring girth force allows to act over a larger area of the saddle because the connections are attached to the saddle at the front and rear, instead of in the middle. In addition, the position of the girth itself can be adjusted forwards or backwards. The EDIX Tiamo treeless western saddle offers your horse, thanks to the special construction, EDIX MPDS, multiple pressure distribution system, of pressure-distributing soft flexible layers, an optimal protection for the load that is exerted on the horse's back by riding. At the same time, these soft flexible layers offer the possibility to adapt perfectly to the anatomy of the horse and the posture of the rider. An EDIX treeless saddle completely follows the movements of the horse. Partly because of this, the rider learns to go along perfectly with the movements of his horse and in this way develops an independent seat. The result is that horse and rider move as a whole and it is from there that an ultimate communication is built. Because the horse is not hindered in its movements, it has the opportunity to develop optimally and we often see an increase in muscle mass. We also see the above after the acclimatization period, for both the horse and the rider, more relaxation in all aspects of riding.

The pommel is interchangeable and therefore adaptable for a high or low wither. The pommel is made of fiberglass and the cantle from the soft material high density foam. Both connect the left and right halves of the saddle and together provide stability to the saddle and comfort for the rider.

EDIX advises you to purchase a treeless saddle complete, including stirrups, stirrup leathers and a matching special pad with matching inlays. In the same style as the Tiamo Western saddle, EDIX saddles have various matching Western leather fenders, in a short or regular length, and stirrups. The special treeless pad, also called the substructure of the saddle, is due to their construction an addition to the pressure distributing materials of the treeless saddle, also known as the superstructure of the total saddle combination. The EDIX pads are anatomically shaped and equipped with the correct inserts, they guarantee freedom of movement of the spine. Because the EDIX pads have 8 insert compartments, position correcting material can be added in the top insert compartments, allowing you to temporarily improve a saddle position. In addition to the EDIX Uni Merino sheepskin Western pads that fit under the EDIX Tiamo, a matching Tiamo felt pad with synthetic fur has been developed in the same line as the saddle. All EDIX pads are specially designed for the EDIX treeless saddles, but also fit under many other brands of treeless saddles.


The saddle is equipped with the EDIX® MPDS (multi pressure distribution system)
made of a high quality soft Nubuck leather
EDIX circle Y-girthing
Leather reinforced Latigo Tie strap and Off billet
D-rings for attaching a breast collar and / or saddle bag
Removable pommel of your choice

Weight 12.1 lbs.

The EDIX Tiamo western saddle is standard available in the colors brown and black and in the sizes extra small (child size) (13.5"), small (15"), medium (17") and large (19"). If you need a "half size" purchase a cantle pillow from the Accessories page.

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