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Mad Tack

Poles can be painted any color or combination, and are available as solid colors or striped. 

Standards are most commonly built 28" tall, and come in any color.  Mini jumps are sold per piece or as sets which include a set of standards, 2 poles, and 2 pair of jump cups.

Cavalettis are a great training tool, and are extremely versatile in teaching your Mini Horse to jump!

They can be rolled for 3 different height adjustments, and the "X" comes off for easy storage, which also means the poles can double as ground or jump poles! 

They can be ordered in any color.

Mad Tack offers a complete line of jumps and jump accessories for Miniature Horses too!  Quality and construction remains the same on these pint-sized structures, so you are still guaranteed the same durability. 

All the standards are built with Roma's competition track assembly for better height adjustment.

Poles and gates can be ordered in 4' or 5' lengths.  Boxes, coops, and roll tops are traditionally 12" tall. 

Mini Jumps