17" Collegiate

Close contact. Medium tree. Plain flap, includes fittings. Excellent condition. 


16.5" Warwick Close Contact

Made in England.  Plain Flap.  X-Wide tree, fits fat ponies great!

Good Condition


17.5" Stubben Siegfried

31 cm tree. A/P. Padded flap. Good condition.

$399    SALE $250


17" Corbette

Piroutte.  M/W tree  Plain flap. Round cantle  Good condition.


16.5" Prestwick

A/P Wide tree. Plain flap, pencil block. Fair condition.



Ovation Sellerie

17.5" Daaleman

Med tree.  Close Contact. Front and rear blocks.   Excellent condition. 


17.5" Collegiate Laureate

Jump saddle with front and rear blocks. Includes fittings. Wide tree. Like New.




16.5" Dominus Jump

Medium tree.  Front/Rear blocks.  Long Flap.  Excellent Condition


In addition to the new and used inventory currently available, Mad Tack can order new saddles from the following manufacturers

16" Lancer Hunter/Jumper

Medium tree.  Includes leathers and irons.  Show ring ready.  Excellent condition.


17" Crosby

Close contact.  Wide Tree.  Plain flap with pencil block.  Good condition.


16" Kincade Close Contact

Wide tree.  Like new.


17.5" Stubben Romanus

30.5 cm tree. A/P Black. Excellent condition 


Saddles added weekly. 

Stay tuned and check back often!

17" Crosby Excelle

Wide tree.  All Purpose.  Large knee block.   Excellent condition. 



16" Courbette Stylist II

D.L. with plain flap 32cm tree. Wide. Good condition.


16" Collegiate

Hunt. Wide tree. Suede knee rolls. Excellent condition.


M. Toulousse

Carl Hester by PDS


 Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

Sunday 11am-4pm

646 S. Main Street

Madison, VA 22727

Mad Tack

17" German SKS

Trenck. 31cm tree. Plain flap. Fair condition. 


16.5" RW Saddlery

A/P Med tree. Wide twist. Excellent condition.


17" Pessoa

Close contact equitation. Md tree. Padded knee. Good condition.


17.5" Kiefer

Hunt. Wide tree. Padded flap.  Fair condition. 


English Saddles

16" Collegiate Centairre

Medium tree. Havana. Excellent condition. 



17" Stubben

Siegfried 29cm tree Front and rear blocks.   Good condition. 


17" HDR Close Contact

Medium tree.  Plain Flap.  Good Condition


18.5" Stubben Siegfried

Sigfried. 31cm tree. Hunt saddle. Excellent condition.


17" County Drespri

Drespri. Adjustable flaps. Wide tree. Dressage billets. Excellent condition.




17.5" Collegiate

A/P Black. M/W tree. In excellent condition.

$299.99  SALE $250

18" Stubben Siegfried

31cm tree (wide). Suede knee rolls.  Classic Hunt saddle.